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Waterproof 600

Two component polyurea based pool paint

Next generation, highly durable, two component, colored, polyaspartic pool paint of aliphatic polyurea. With strong adhesion to sound surfaces, it creates a uniformed (without joints) and high performance protective flexible membrane, with long-lasting resistance to UV radiation and excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses. Particularly resistant to friction, acids, alkalis and seawater or chlorinated water. It is used for the protection, painting and decoration of new concrete pools or pools already painted with epoxy or other painting systems, as long as they are well adhered. The product is exceptionally suitable for water slide parks, fountains, but also any other application where color stability and long-term surface protection is a prerequisite. WATERPROOF 600 has many advantages over other pool coating solutions since it is easy to apply, dries quickly, requires minimum waiting time before its final use and maintains its color stability over time, even when the pool is empty. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2.


Consumption 1-1.2kg/m² per coat, depending on the substrate.
Packaging 4kg metal container (Α 2.86kg, Β 1.14kg) 20kg metal container (Α 14.3kg, Β 5.7kg)
Color White and 3 more colors from the color chart COLORS, Beige (J350-10YR), Blue (J730-40YB), Light blue (J730-60YB)