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Waterproof 400

Two-component aliphatic polyurea clear varnish

High-performance clear polyaspartic, two-component aliphatic, (cold polyurea) fast cure varnish, with resistance to UV radiation. Ideal for waterproofing and protecting interior and exterior, professional and residential spaces, such as production facilities, garage floors, warehouses, bars, expo spaces, sports field stands, terraces, rooftops etc. and wherever immediate project turnover and space completion is necessary. Apply it on ceramic tiles, stones and surfaces decorated with VITRO HYBRID. Protects QUARTZ DECO decorative quartz floors from sunlight and stress, especially on exterior surfaces. Excellent for the protection of styles created through the styling system 3D COLLECTION SYSTEM, on floors or walls, especially on small surfaces (2-4m²). Before its application on glossy surfaces (tiles, granites, epoxy paints), the application of TILE PRIMER is recommended to increase its adhesion, stabilize and protect it from any detachment. Plus, the addition of ANTISLIP ADDITIVE POWDER, at a rate of 2% by weight (for tiles) and 4% (for stones), gives a non-slip surface to the floors, even when wet. Classified as a product for surface protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2.



250-350gr/m² per coat, depending on the absorbency of the surface


750gr (A: 381gr, B: 369gr)
5kg  (A: 2.54kg, B: 2.46kg)