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Quartz Deco Epoxy

Binding epoxy resin for stone carpets

High-quality two-component epoxy resin that is solvent-free. Suitable as binder when added to the quartz aggregates QUARTZ DECO. Once cured, it creates a finish product with solid mass that is distinguished for its powerful adhesion to all sound substrates, with tensile strength greater than concrete. It is ideal for the creation of non-slip quartz floors of high aesthetics that withstand any abrasion caused by foot traffic and vehicles. The mixture of QUARTZ DECO EPOXY resin with the quartz aggregates QUARTZ DECO, can be applied to walls and stairs, but before the surfaces are coated with EPOXY PUTTY epoxy putty, especially in grain sizes over 2mm.


Mixing ratio - consumption

Depending on the levelling of the surfaces, the coating thickness of the product and the grain size of the quartz aggregates QUARTZ DECO.
- For grain sizes over 2mm, the mixing ratio is 10/100 and the consumption is 7-13kg/m²
- For grain sizes under 2mm, the mixing ratio is 12.5/100 and the consumption is 4-8kg/m²

Recommended application thickness

Up to 3mm for grain sizes between 0.7-2mm thick
Up to 5mm for grain sizes between 2-4mm thick and up to 10mm for grain size(s) between 4-8mm thick


2.5kg container (A: 1.600gr, B: 900gr)