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Polyurea Floor Coating

Two-component polyaspartic paint of aliphatic polyurea

New generation, high resistance, white or colored, two-component polyaspartic paint of aliphatic polyurea (cool polyuria) for floors, low odor. With strong adhesion to sound surfaces, it creates a uniformed (without joints) and high performance protective flexible membrane, with long-lasting resistance to UV radiation and excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses. Particularly resistant to friction, acids and alkalis. POLYUREA FLOOR COATING has an advantage over other solutions for floors, as it is easy to apply, dries quickly, requires short times for its final use and maintains its shade unchanged over time. It is ideal for the protection, painting and decoration of new concrete surfaces or already painted with epoxy or other painting systems, as long as they are well adhered to. It is also applied on vertical, unpainted surfaces. The product is exceptionally suitable for frequently used business premises, car garages, car repair stores, logistic warehouses and generally heavy traffic areas, where high mechanical strength is required. It is applied indoors and outdoors. Classified as a product for surface protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2.



170gr/m²/coat, on properly prepared surfaces


Metal container: 5kg (A: 4kg, B: 1kg)
Metal container: 10kg (A: 8kg, B: 2kg)