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Quartz Deco Varnish Gel

Filling varnish that decorates and protects quartz aggregates

Acrylic-polyurethane hybrid varnish that is solvent-based and in gel form. Protects, accentuates, and highlights the natural beauty of QUARTZ DECO quartz aggregates, on floors, stairs and walls. Due to its high thixotropy, it also fills gaps or ‘minor imperfections’ that may have been created by the shape or grain size of the quartz aggregates (especially in grain sizes over 2mm), giving a smoother finish. Apply it to create a strong protective film with resistance to UV radiation, moisture and frost. Apply it once to protect the surface of QUARTZ DECO from stain absorption and the accumulation of dirt and grime, ultimately resulting in facilitating the easy cleaning of its surface.



• For grain sizes between 0.1-1mm: Approximately 300ml/m²
• For grain sizes between 0.7mm-2mm: Approximately 425ml/m²
• For grain sizes between 2mm-8mm: Approximately 850ml/m²
Always depending on the grain sizes of the quartz aggregates


750ml, 5lt