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Two component polyurea based protective varnish

Two component aliphatic polyurea clear varnish of high quality and durability with satin finish. It presents strong adhesion to all types of construction surfaces, painted or else. Apply it to create an invisible but flexible and durable waterproof and non-stick film, that protects against any type of graffiti, spray paint, markers etc., over a long period of time. In addition, all surfaces protected with ANTIGRAFFITI of DUROSTICK become waterproof - they do not absorb water, oils and other pollutants, and they can be cleaned easily, just with water. The polyurea varnish ANTIGRAFFITI is suitable for applications on surfaces made of concrete, plaster, decorative or regular brick, stone, marble, wood, metal etc. DUROSTICK ANTIGRAFFITI protects public and private buildings (schools, universities, stadiums, bridges, building facades etc.). Ideal for trains, buses, signposts, store rolling gates, garage doors, etc. Durable against adverse weather conditions and UV radiation, it does not yellow over time. As for graffiti removal, the product remains unaffected, even after multiple cleaning procedures with D-19 GRAFFITI REMOVER of DUROSTICK.



125-200gr/ per coat, depending on the texture and the absorbency of the surface


5kg container (A 2,5kg + B 2,5kg)