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Durolin 200

Methylcellulose adhesive for paper-based wallpapers

High quality methylcellulose adhesive in powder form, for hanging paper-based wallpapers on walls.
Suitable for hanging all paper-based wallpapers securely. Also suitable for hanging posters.
For vinyl-based and heavy wallpapers, it is recommended to use DUROLIN 300 in paste form of DUROSTICK.


Dilution - Consumption

As primer: 150gr/10lt of water/80m²
Lightweight wallpapers: 150gr/8lt of water/50m²/10 rolls*
Regular wallpapers: 150gr/7lt of water /40m²/8 rolls*
Heavyweight wallpapers: 150gr/6lt of water /30m²/6 rolls*
* Roll dimensions 10x0.53m