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Deco Liquid Glass

Liquid glass resin

Two-component and clear epoxy resin that is without solvent. Due to its physical shape (liquid glass), the product is ideal to be applied either as a pouring/casting product or as a coating material on a multitude of substrates. The most well-known application of the product relates to the ‘encapsulation-encasement’ of materials such as pebbles, shells, sea sand, leaves, flowers, butterflies, legumes, nuts, decorative woods, veneers, photographs, banknotes, coins, collectibles etc. Another popular application relates to clear or even colored coatings on cementitious floors and microcement. Dozens of applications on the Internet with high decorative interest and exceptional ease of application, help to create unique results with a personal aesthetic imprint. Classified SR-B2.0-AR0.5-IR4 per EN 13813.



•As a pouring product: 1kg/m²/mm thick coat. Indicatively, for a 70cm round tabletop and a thickness of 4cm, the necessary amount of DECO LIQUID GLASS is about 15kg.
•As a topcoat or varnish: Approximately 200gr/m² per coat, on properly prepared surfaces and always depending on their absorbency.


375gr (A 240gr + B 135gr)
3kg (A 1.930gr + B 1.070gr)
5kg (A 3.217gr + B 1.783gr)