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Two-component construction epoxy putty - adhesive

Professional adhesive of gray color, without solvents in putty form. The product features high adhesion and its breaking point is greater than concrete. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, salts and salt (sea) water, while it does not shrink. Use it to repair concrete defects and seal cracks that will be injected with the epoxy resin DUROSTICK D-33. It is also used for bonding similar and dissimilar construction and industrial materials, such as metal, polyester, glass, stone, fiber-reinforced cement screeds, etc. Suitable for anchoring expansion rebars and equipment as well as fastening metal formwork around concrete columns. Ideal for sealing and filling-repairing industrial floors and their various damage. Classified as structural bonding product for concrete per EN 1504-4 and class RG per EN 13888.



1.8kg//mm thick coat


1kg (A 880gr + B 120gr)