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Two component injectable epoxy resin

Solvent free adhesive and sealing product with zero shrinkage and high resistance to alkalis, acids, frost and moisture. Offers exceptional adhesion to concrete and steel as well as unique resistance to flexion, compression and detachment. Used as injectable resin into concrete cracks, of 0.1-1mm width. It is recommended for
crack repairs on bridges, tunnels, dams, columns, etc. It is suitable for concrete beams that cracked due to overloading, earthquakes, etc. It ensures the complete restoration (original strength) of load bearing elements.
It is the only solution for anchoring steel rebars in horizontal or vertical existing concrete surfaces. Apply it easily using the professional cartridge and ‘sausage’ barrel gun DUROSEAL 600 of DUROSTICK, along with the appropriate nozzles. It is the most appropriate product for bonding a new to an existing concrete.
Classified as concrete injection product per EN 1504-5 and class R2 per EN 12004.



Crack sealing: 1.1kg for filling volume of 1lt


1kg (A 650gr + B 350gr)


Transparent yellow