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DS-205 Super Glue

Heavy duty glue for wood constructs exposed to water & moisture

High quality, new technology water-soluble glue, based on acrylic polymers. Odorless, it does not slip or stain during application. Once cured, it presents excellent durability, even when exposed to water for several days. Preserves its original flexibility, ensuring unbreakable bonding, against stresses due to vibrations or expansions and contractions. Ideal for installing wood or timber constructs exposed to water or to heavy moisture loads.
Ideal for wood constructs of oak, beech, iroko, teak, cherry, walnut and other kinds of wood. Recommended for installing wood skirting boards as well as MDF, cork, soundproofing boards laminate, for bonding extruded or expanded polystyrene, without priming on any kind of porous material, such as brick, plaster and concrete.
Classified D3/D4 per EN 204/205.





250gr, 900gr, 5kg, 15kg