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DS-254 Iron

Emery fortified microcement

Ready mixed, white or colored mortar, with granite appearance, high mechanical strength. The innovative formula of DUROSTICK DS-254 IRON makes it ideal for floor applications related to excessive stresses, such as patios, walkways and garages but also ideal for high traffic areas and spaces such as shopping centers, warehouses, etc. outdoors or indoors. Provides impressive durability, abrasion resistance as well as unmatched scratch resistance. Its advanced composition does not ‘require’ addition - enhancement with improving emulsions. The DS-254 IRON is painted in its mass by adding water-soluble pigments coated with vinyl resins in powder form DUROCOLOR POWDER-C 96 shades or by applying the pigments on its surface. You can create your own unique styles on the surface of the microcement with DUROSTICK cementitious GROUTS, in all their 38 shades, as well as with the syringes of DUROCOLOR Coloring System.
Classified PCC R3, per EN 1504-3 and as floor screed material, is classified CT-C40-F15-AR2, per EN 13813.



7kg/m² per 5mm thick coat




White & 7 more colors (ice, light gray, dark gray, aqua marine, alabaster, sun ray, pistachio)