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DS-252 Flex

Microcemento (Flexible pressed cement screed) for walls and floors

White or already colored decorative pressed cement screed with high mechanical strengths, suitable for application on vertical and horizontal surfaces, both indoors and out. Its special fiber reinforced formula contains high strength cement, suitably graded aggregates, special active additives and top quality resins. The composition of the product provides it with exceptional flexibility, and unbreakable adhesion to the substrate. Its composition also provides the product with excellent workability, great abrasion resistance and ultimately a perfect finish surface with high mechanical strengths. It “follows” expansions and contractions effectively and does not crack by them. Unaffected by small vibrations, it is resistant to rapid temperature variations and adverse weather conditions. Industrially perfected, it does not require any improving additives.


Consumption 7kg/m² per 5mm thick coat.
Packaging 25kg