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Durocolor Powder-C

Pigments in powder form for the creation of colored mortars

Colored, vinyl coated resins in powder form, friendly to human and the environment, packaged in 250gr pre-weighted bags
for precision portioning. When added to the mixing water of mortars, they yield 96 color chart selected colors for: •The microcement (pressed cement screeds) DS-250, DS-252 FLEX, DS-256 FLEX VELVET and DS-254 IRON of  DUROSTICK. •The spackling and skimming pastes: STUCOFIX-P, POWDER COAT, GRANULAR and GRANULAR ULTRA. •The white cementitious GROUTS (0-3mm, 1-10mm, 5-20mm), the FLEXIBLE & OIL REPELLENT GROUT, as well as the white mortars D-3, D-4, D-5 and ANTISLIP. •A multitude of white mortars: White cement, marble and gypsum based plasters, thus yielding a wider range of colors wherever they are added.



1 - 3 bags of 250gr each one, depending on the desired color, based on the DUROCOLOR POWDER-C color chart.


250gr per bag