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DS-259 Deco Micro Resin

Resinous decorative cement mortar of fine finish

Decorative and flexible resinous cement mortar with exceptional surface hardness, zero shrinkage and powerful adhesion. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications. This unique technological combination of three polymer resins, graded quartz aggregates and high strength cement, produces a fine, waterproof and durable against wear surface, without cracks. The product is distinguished for its high abrasion and scratch resistance, even when applied in just 2mm thick. The use of any fiberglass mesh or improving emulsions is not required. Suitable for floor and wall applications, as well as built-in furniture, sinks, showers, wood doors, tables and more. Ideal for repairing and renewing weathered and worn-out microcement and plaster, as well as coating surfaces when performing interior or exterior renovations.
Classified: • as a product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c), per EN 1504-2 • as floor screed material in category CT-C16-F4-AR1 per EN 13813 • as render in category GP: CSIII / W2, per EN 998-1.



1-1.5kg/m²/mm thick coat