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DS-258 Deco Micro Flex

Pressed screed in paste form

White or colored decorative top coat in paste form, ready for use. Apply it on properly prepared and sound surfaces, on floors*, walls and ceilings. Suitable for special projects such as benches, sinks, showers, built-in furniture, wood furniture, tables, doors, etc. It is an excellent choice for everyone that wants to renovate and decorate their residential or commercial space. Color it using the measuring system for shade rendering DUROCOLOR (p. 142) (pigments in 20ml syringe packaging) of DUROSTICK available in 120 selected shades which can also be mixed together to create unique color combinations. Classified SR-B2,0-AR0,5-IR1,7 as floor screed material, per EN 13813.



0.6-0.7kg/m² per coat, depending on the surface


5kg, 15kg


White, light gray, dark gray