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Hydrostop Acrylic Plaster Fine

Acrylic-based waterproof top coat plaster/render in paste form, fine finish

Ready for use, white or colored acrylic plaster, in paste form. Highly resistant to UV radiation. It does not favor mold, algae, and fungi growth. Suitable for use as render/top coat instead of marble-based plaster. It can also be applied as a decorative coating on interior surfaces. It can be applied to all primed building materials such as plaster, concrete, drywall and cement board, aircrete etc., and on all surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. It participates as a top coat render to external thermal insulation systems.
Classified as render-based on organic binders, per EN 15824.



Hydrostop Acrylic Plaster Fine 1.0mm: 1.8-2.0kg/m²/mm
Hydrostop Acrylic Plaster Fine 1.5mm: 2.0-2.3kg/m²/1.5mm




White and 44 selected color chart colors