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dB Block, an innovative product having 6 unique properties

Multipurpose paste

Crack-resistant, Anti-vibration, Ther­mal-insulating, Soundproofing, Bonding & Waterproofing coating. Available in paste form, with exceptional adhesion to any type of surface, without the use of any primer before its application. Its innovative formula contains polyurethane and acrylic resins, as well as a blend of Buna-s type rubber. It presents a great soundproofing quality for absorbing airborne, as well as impact generated noises, that originate from the exterior or the interior environment and reduces the transmission of disturbing and unwanted noises from 50% up to 70%. Its uniqueness is focused on its paste form, which ensures excellent workability and applicability, even in the most inaccessible areas of building structures. The only requirement for the product to achieve its maximum potential is for a very light and thin coat to be applied. It is applied on interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal building surfaces made of plaster or concrete, gypsum board or cement board, wood surfaces and woodwork made of plywood, OSB, etc., as well as metallic surfaces and ironworks, sheet metal, aluminum panels, polyester, plastic, PVC pipes and a variety of other materials.

•Internal thermal insulation system for buildings - The internal thermal insulation and soundproofing of a space achieved through the application of dB BLOCK is the most suitable solution for existing and new residences where they can easily, quick­ly and economically upgrade their thermal and sound insulation value. Thanks to its small application thickness (2-3mm), it is ideal for interior wall (wet, cold) surfaces, ceilings, attics and closet interiors without the slightest disturbance of that space. Coat all wall and ceiling surfaces with dB BLOCK to soundproof them, waterproof them, thermally-insulate them and protect them from cracks.

• External thermal insulation system for building facades - The introduction of dB BLOCK in their application process enhances the thermal insulation properties of the systems. It ensures the systems’ water tightness, the crack protection of top coat plas­ters and sound proofs from airborne noises coming from the outdoor environment.

• Waterproofing system for roofs - The application of dB BLOCK as an undercoat for waterproofing products on roofs and terraces ensures total sealing and waterproofing of the surfaces over time (resistant to ageing), even if the top waterproofing coat is dam­aged or fails. Thanks to its flexibility, the product is able to follow the movement of the structure elements/substrates over time and remains unaffected by ground vibrations and rapid temperature variations. The above properties result in the protection and the extension of the longevity of the waterproofing coat.

• Painting and protection system for sports fields (dB BLOCK + SUPER FLOOR PU) - It is used for indoor and outdoor courts, ensuring the safety of athletes and their comfort during sporting activities. Courts such as basketball, volleyball and handball courts, private and public spaces, schools, hotels, etc. The result of the systems’ application is the creation of a flexible, comfortable court that is watertight, as well as resistant to everyday use and wear.

Laboratory measurements of soundproofing properties were performed by the National Research Foundation (Nano-application Laboratory of the Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute). Certified by the University of Athens (UoA/Group of Building Environmental Studies, Department of Physics) for its thermal insulation properties. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c), per EN 1504-2.



1.1kg/m²/mm thick coat


3kg, 10kg, 15kg containers