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Flexible, waterproofing cementitious plaster of 12 colors and fine/smooth finish

Flexible and waterproofing, self cleaning top coat plaster, with grain size of up to 0.8mm. It contains new age, flexible and water repelling resins. It offers complete water repellency per DIN 18550, high flexibility, unbreakable adhesion, unblocked breathability as well as complete water vapour permeability. It does not favor mold creation on its cured surface, while it does not absorb atmospheric pollutants. It does not crack like regular plasters do and it corrects surface defects, up to 5mm per coat. It can be applied over cracked marble based (sound) plasters. Easily applied by either hand or plastering machine. It participates in the certified external thermal insulation system of buildings, THERMOSEAL of DUROSTICK as plastering top coat.
Classified GP: CSIII/W2 per ΕΝ 998-1.


Consumption 1.5kg/m²/mm thick coat.
Packaging 25kg.