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Quartz Deco Hybrid

Hybrid binding resin for decorative mosaic plasters for wall and ceiling surfaces
High quality and clear, one component, water based (polyurethane-acrylic) hybrid resin. Use as a binding additive with QUARTZ DECO, the quartz aggregates with grain sizes less than 2mm. Mix them to create an easy-to-use, thixotropic paste with strong adhesion to sound substrates. Ideal for interior and exterior wall and ceiling applications, for the creation of mosaic plasters with high aesthetic value. The applied product is resistance to moisture and UV radiation. Ideal as the final coating of thermal insulation systems for building facades, as well as a decorative coating in bathrooms, window sills, window frames etc.


Mixing ratio - consumption Depending on the grain size of QUARTZ DECO aggregates, on properly prepared surfaces. The consumption of the mixture ranges from 3-5kg/m2.
Recommended application thickness Up to 3mm for grain sizes between 0.7-2mm.
Packaging 6.6kg container