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Hard Floor

Self levelling and decorative, resinous cement mortar with stainless microspheres, for thicknesses of 5-10mm per coat
Architectural cement screed that is pourable and self levelling. Its unique formula contains stainless microspheres, specially selected additives, and quartz aggregates. Distinguished by its high mechanical strengths, its exceptional resistance to impact, abrasion and compression for coatings between 5mm to 10mm thick. It has excellent rheological (flow) properties and unbreakable adhesion to concrete, mosaic, weathered but sound tiles and even sidewalk slabs. Yields surfaces with exceptional finish without pores. Use it on floors selected for renovation, but also as a decorative coat without seams, in interior and exterior spaces.
HARD FLOOR can be colored with DUROCOLOR POWDER-C, the water soluble pigments coated with vinyl resins, available in powder form, in 96 colors.
Quantities of 1.800kg can be delivered factory colored, (special order), in any available color from the DUROCOLOR POWDER-C color chart.


Consumption Approximately 8.5kg/m2 per 5mm thick coat. 17kg/m2 per 10mm thick coat.­­­­
Packaging 25kg