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Decorative flexible pressed cement screed for walls & floors

Ready mixed white or colored pressed cement screed, with high mechanical strengths, suitable for application on vertical and horizontal surfaces, both indoors or out. It successfully reacts to expansions and contractions of the substrate without cracking. Floors with radiant heating systems, walls and floors subjected to vibrations, attics and lofts, floors made with marine grade plywood or sheet metal (thoroughly cleaned and primed with Quartz Primer, DS-260 or DS-255 of DUROSTICK), terraces and balconies exposed to extreme weather conditions, are some such applications, the Flexible Pressed Cement Screed can successfully address. Its use crafts perfect finish in both residential applications with style and elegance as well as commercial ones (floors) with increased requirements against abrasion, impact, and scratching.
Classified PCC R3, per EN 1504-3 and as floor screed material, is classified CT-C30-F7-AR2, per EN 13813


Consumption 7kg/m² per 5mm thick coat.
Packaging 25kg