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Duroepoxy Floor SF

Brushable two component epoxy paint without solvents

Highly durable self levelling colored epoxy paint without solvents. Exceptionally durable and resistant to abrasion, strong acids and alkalis. It is uniquely durable to solvents and oils, salt or chlorinated water, as well as extreme weather conditions. Creates unbreakable bonding on concrete, plaster, wood, MDF. Suitable for hospitals, dairy plants, wineries, kitchens and slaughter houses, garages, gas stations, laundry facilities, pools, fountains, etc.
Create anti skid surface by broadcasting QUARTZ SAND of DUROSTICK (with grain size from 0.01-0.5mm).
Classified SR-B2, 0-AR0, 5-IR4 per EN13813.

•Surfaces coated with DUROEPOXY FLOOR SF may come in direct contact with food. Certified by the State General Laboratory with Protocol Number 04019/015/000.
•Chalking (surface deterioration) is a typical problem of all epoxy systems applied on exterior surfaces. Restore surfaces just by recoating them with DUROEPOXY FLOOR PRIMER SF once a year.



Smooth surface: 250-300gr/ per coat
Anti skid surface: 400-600gr/ per coat


5kg (Α+Β), 10kg (Α+Β)


White & 8 RAL colors.