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High adhesion polyurethane elastomeric sealant

One-component, polyurethane based, flexible joint filler. It is highly durable to UV radiation, frost and mechanical stresses. Unaffected by sea (salt) or fresh water, it is paintable and is effective for sealing joints of 6-30mm width and 3-15mm depth. Necessary for high strength flexible seals, such as sealing expansion joints in terraces, sealing around window and door frames made of aluminum, metal, PVC and wood, well as sealing junctions between vertical and horizontal surfaces. Necessary for sealing metal and wood rails, at their penetration (contact) points with marble, natural stone or concrete slabs on roofs, balconies, walls, etc. Ideal for sealing dissimilar materials, such as stone and plaster or concrete, polyester, stainless steel, etc. Ensure excellent adhesion on porous surfaces by priming with PRIMER-PU.



Indicatively, one 310ml cartridge fills 8.6 linear meters of a 6x6mm joint


310ml cartridge, 600ml ‘sausage’