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Fiber-reinforced, polymer modified repair mortar for thicknesses of up to 6cm/coat

Fiber-reinforced repair cement mortar, of high strength. Due to its composition with special polymers, hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and synthetic fibers, does not shrink, nor crack and does not sug on vertical surfaces. Provides high workability, adhesion, resistance to frost, abrasion and moisture. Repairs all construction/manufacturing defects for thicknesses of up to 6cm per coat, without the requirement of any formwork. It is also ideal for all concrete repair works, for restoring broken edges in steps and balconies, columns and beams. Suitable for constructing coving mortars for roofs, where horizontal and vertical surfaces meet. Classified PCC R3 as concrete repair product per EN 1504-3.



Approximately 18kg/m²/cm thick coat