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D-1 Flex

Flexible, one-component and fiber-reinforced brushable waterproofing mortar

Flexible and fiber-reinforced, quartz based cementitious mortar, that is modified with acrylic, water repellent polymers and special additives. Apply it to waterproof surfaces made of concrete, plaster, bricks, cement blocks, cement boards, aircrete, etc. It ensures the waterproofing of fountains, swimming pools, inverted roofing systems, bathrooms, showers to be lined with tiles or microcement and generally any mineral surface exposed to partial or continuous moisture. Ideal for any horizontal or vertical mineral surface subjected to vibrations or expansions and contractions, that already have or are expected to develop capillary/hairline cracks. Suitable for waterproofing foundations and basements, for positive (exterior application/ preventive measure) and negative (interior application/ therapeutic solution) hydrostatic pressure(s), and even to pressure up to 7 Atm. Classified as a product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c) per EN 1504-2.



1,0-1,3kg/m²/mm thick coat.


4kg, 18kg.