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Renovate the wall surfaces with the innovative flexible HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC

It is a common phenomenon, the poor exterior appearance of a building or residence due to plaster damage.


The residences and the buildings generally bear external coatings of plaster. These coatings and the building as a whole are influenced by:

- Contractions and expansions resulting from temperature changes

- Earthquakes

- Vibrations

- Pollutants (industrial, environmental, etc.)

- Poor surface preparation when applying the plaster

- Defects

- Poor quality materials (plaster)

- Natural weather phenomena (intense sunshine, rain, snow, frost)

For most people, the decision to restore the outside of a building starts mainly for aesthetic reasons. But caring for the outside look of the building should get a special attention as it is a fundamental concern regarding the protection of the whole building. The best practice is to proceed with the restoration of the damaged wall surface in order to protect the building and prevent the spreading of the corrosion of the plaster.

For every repair or renovation, DUROSTICK provides reliable and essential solutions such as the repair of the wall surface with the flexible HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC, available in Fine and Coarse texture. The HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC participates as a top coat with the External Thermal Insulation System THERMOSEAL, certified by ETAG 004, Class A, in combination with the ULTRACOLL THERMO, the fiber-reinforced adhesive for insulating sheets. It is applied with ease to walls made from base coat plaster, on painted surfaces, concrete, bricks, concrete blocks, aircrete blocks, cement boards and plasterboard, as well as walls made of wood or metal sheets (They must first be primed with the quartz primer DS-260 or DS-255 of DUROSTICK).

The flexible HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC is water repellent, and self-cleaning .  Grain size up to 0, 8mm with elastic and water repellent new technology resins, is ready only with the addition of water it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its application creates a protective shield which prevents the harmful effects of moisture, snow, frost, sunshine. It is ideal for applications where strong adhesion, flexibility and resistance to moisture and time are required, ensuring long-term protection of the building.

Classified GP: CSIII/W2, per ΕΝ 998-1.