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Flexible and durable MICROCEMENT: DUROSTICK DS-252 FLEX

The MICROCEMENT (pressed cement screed) as a material for interior and exterior decoration on walls, floors, objects, furniture, has gained the impressions of architects, interior designers, and end clients in general.


The need for the creation of beautiful surfaces (floors and walls), and in the most demanding applications, where until then the application of Microcement was not possible was the trigger for the creation of DUROSTICK Microcement DS-252 FLEX, with distinctive flexibility and high mechanical strengths.

The flexible Microcement DS-252 FLEX works perfectly on floors with radiant heating, vibrating floors and walls, floor made of marine plywood or metal sheets. These surfaces must first be primed with quartz primer DS-260 or DS-255 of DUROSTICK. Its flexibility, in combination with its strong adhesion, allows for a wide range of applications, making it the solution to new constructions, as well as renovations or reconstructions of spaces with old cement mortars, mosaic, old tiles or marbles etc.

The application of DUROSTICK DS-252 FLEX offers a number of advantages such as:

  • A wide range of applications, on a variety of substrates.
  • Unaffected by micro vibrations and contractions of the surfaces.
  • High mechanical strength
  • Advanced composition that does not require any kind of improving additive.
  • Distinctive ease of use.
  • Exceptional decorative results, inspired by the Greek architectural tradition.
  • It can be colored.

The DUROSTICK DS-252 FLEX Microcement is available in ready-made white or colored (7 shades) cement mortar. You can also create your own unique styles on its surface with the powder form pigments DUROCOLOR POWDER-C of DUROSTICK, in the total of 96 shades and with the dosing system of creation DUROCOLOR shades.

The applications is completed with the special protective varnishes, DECOFIN POLYURETHANE, the 2 component solvent-based polyurethane varnish, the DECOFIN EPOXY SF, the glossy 2-component epoxy varnish and the VISTA, the solvent based matt varnish for Microcement mortars  and natural stones.

 It is classified as PCC R3 in accordance with EN 1504-3 and as a floor covering material in the CT-C30-F7-AR2 category according to EN 13813.