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Painting the exterior surfaces

After repairing the damages caused by winter on the exterior surfaces of your home, and it is therefore protected from the humidity of the external environment, it is now time to paint it!

Painting the outside of a house or building is a process that we have to plan and implement carefully, since it is not done often (usually once every 10 years).
- The cost of this process is quite important as it requires a) Issuance of a special building permit, b) The rental of scaffolding and c) Significant labor costs as it is usually done exclusively by professionals.
- The total restoration of the facade (works such as damaged plaster, cracks, detachments, etc.) that are included in the repairs before painting, increasing further the cost.
- The inconvenience caused is also important.
- The exterior appearance of the building affects its commercial value.
- The aesthetics of the outside of a building also influences the mood of its inhabitants.

For all the above or maybe even more reasons, select the materials and colors you will use correctly. The cheapest one is not always the best solution. Many times the low cost materials induce expensive damages! Choose branded materials that are reliable, tested and have the approval of the market in general. Carefully consider what these materials are offering to you in terms of thermal insulation, waterproofing, quality, durability and other properties. Moreover, the cost of the materials is the lowest cost from the overall expenses you will have to make for the restoration and painting of the external wall surfaces.

For the restoration of the plaster and the preparation of the surface before painting it, you may choose between DUROSTICK’s proposals. Let's have a look… After removing the corroded spots of the plaster, we repair with D-32 (fast repair mortar) or D-42 (one coat plaster). If the damage of the plaster is extended, the best solution for its restoration is the MEGAFIX mortar or HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC (elastic plaster), as they create a long-lasting protective shield. From this point onwards we are given various options. In the case of a total repair with MEGAFIX or HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC, the wall surface has been adequately sealed. Then, prime with the SOLVENT BASED PRIMER or the AQUAFIX PRIMER and paint with a good acrylic paint (DUROPAINT-PU, 10-YEAR WARRANTY or 100% ACRYLIC) or with one of the elastomeric paints (D-80 HYDROSTOP or THERMOELASTIC COLOUR) for additional insulating and waterproofing properties. In this case we won’t need to renovate (unless for aesthetic reasons) the external surfaces of the building for at least ten years and in some cases even more.