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Renew your old house with MEGAFIX

Make your old house new and keep it new forever! The outside of your home often presents a smaller or wider range of wear, such as corroded and detached plaster and paint, the appearance of mould and black spots, on the surfaces near the ground but also on higher points under terraces or roofs, and cracks on the surface of the plaster (capillary and larger ones).

Make the appropriate preparation on the surfaces to be restored, using MEGAFIX, to repair detached or cracked points (cracks up to 4cm depth). Remove mold with water & bleach solution (1:1 mixing ratio) or for a better in-depth result, use the special cleaning product DUROSTICK D-95 CLEANER. Prime the surface with AQUAFIX or with SOLVENT BASED PRIMER. Apply with a wide metal trowel, two coats of 5mm each.

You now have a brand new surface lined with the flexible watertight plaster MEGAFIX (Proven shield Protection) that is excellently adhered to old plaster and covers every crack and imperfection, it does not allow water penetration, and has excellent durability even in the most difficult environments.

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