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Energy saving with DS-220 and THERMOELASTIC COLOUR

A smart and affordable solution for those seeking an alternative to External Thermal Insulation System (polystyrene, rockwool or other insulation material), for application on both walls and roofs of your house.

A smart combination of insulation and waterproofing of the walls and roof of your building with the elastomeric, acrylic, thermal insulating paint THERMOELASTIC COLOUR with the brushable elastomeric acrylic roof waterproofer DUROSTICK DS-220. Both of these products are classified as 'COOL' since they reflect the solar radiation and infrared radiation in excess of 80%. THERMOELASTIC COLOUR and DS-220 are characterized as ' Energy Efficient' since they contribute to the reduction of heating and cooling needs. Both materials act as a barrier that prevents external humidity from entering the construction elements. 

The combination of the two materials in synergy with the existence of energy efficient frames contributes to the reduction of the cost for heating and cooling by up to 30%. Their application in a building also creates a protective shield around the construction that prevents direct contact with the external environment, protecting it from wear & damage.

Learn more about THERMOELASTIC COLOUR and DUROSTICK DS-220 and make the right choice for your own space!