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DUROPOXY. New generation, improved composition epoxy grout & adhesive

Available in 32 colors enduring time and hard use. It bears all the advantages of epoxy materials (resistant to chemicals, acids, chlorine, excellent adhesion and mechanical resistance, it weatherproofs perfectly, and has good workability). It does not sag and is easily cleaned with water!

The main thing is that any residues of the product are easily removed after application with a soft and clean wet sponge only! The easiness of cleaning off DUROPOXY definitively solves the problem of removing the application residues that made many professionals avoid suggesting epoxy products to their customers.

The potential of DUROPOXY is unlimited. In general we refer to cement-type grout which over the years, they get corroded, cracked, stained, discolored, and absorb moisture. Their replacement should be done for practical reasons such as preventing moisture penetration in the substrates and causing damage as well as for aesthetic reasons. Of course DUROPOXY is also recommended for applications at the initial stage of the lining of a surface. DUROPOXY  is an ideal choice for all kinds of jointing applications, for renovation or for new installation. Ideal for grouting in strict hygiene areas (restaurants, toilets) as well as in swimming pools, fountains etc.