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DS POLYMER and DUROWOOD DS POLYMER: A product for all seals!

The application of DS POLYMER and DUROWOOD DS POLYMER offers strong, elastic and watertight seals and welds, resistant to the passage of time, moisture, water, fungus growth and solar radiation, acidic and alkaline environment.

The DS POLYMER is odorless, solvent-free and non-combustible. It strongly adheres to similar and dissimilar surfaces without primer (provided that one of the two surfaces is porous). Suitable for use on internal and external surfaces of cement, plaster, plasterboard and cement boards, wood and chipboard, aluminum and metal surfaces, polycarbonate sheets and even glass surfaces.

ds polymer durostick σε αλουμίνιο

Ideal product for sealing and welding frames made of aluminum, wood, PVC or metal. It seals joints around sinks and kitchen countertops.

αρμοί κουζίνας ds polymer

It seals and welds the joints between skirting and floor tiles. Joints that have been sealed with DS POLYMER can be renewed after years with the same or other color of DS POLYMER, without the need for the removal of the joint. Available in a 340gr cartridge packaging and in 32 colors, similar to the tile grouts of DUROSTICK. 

ds polymer σοβατεπι

Aluminum frames, wooden or PVC, are sealed with DUROWOOD DS POLYMER, with excellent ease, all around between the frame and the wall. Suitable for filling and welding the skirting to the floor tiles. The DUROWOOD DS POLYMER excellently bonds to any type of wood, without the use of primer on the surfaces. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

ds polymer durowood

It provides watertight-elastic-strong seals, welds and fills parquet, skirting boards and edging strips.  Compatible for use with similar and dissimilar materials, on the joints between wooden surfaces and marble, ceramic tiles, stones, cement, plaster, etc. and can be varnished, if there is a need to.

durowood ds polymer ξύλο με πλακάκι

DUROWOOD DS POLYMER is available in 10 colors, in a 340gr cartridge packaging, matching the natural shades of wood. It is easily cleaned off the surfaces, immediately after its application, with a damp sponge.