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dB Block... 6 unique properties in 1 super product

The Department of Research, Technology and Development of our industry, has designed and created a product with multiple properties and possibilities of use. Capable of performing and completing a wide range of exceptionally demanding building applications, dB Block comes to overturn the image of the particular product category.

In paste form and with a composition at the cutting edge of chemical technology, DUROSTICK's dB Block is strongly defending its versatility, since it acts as a Vibration proof, a Crack proof and a Soundproof product, with the unique ability to reduce the transmission of disturbing perceptible noises from 50% to 70%. At the same time, it functions as a Thermal insulating, Bonding, as well as a Waterproofing product.

With powerful adhesion, without requiring primer, it creates a uniform and flexible protective membrane, without any joints and seams, able to yield the sum of its properties on every building application (interior or exterior), practically eliminating the need for using several products.

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